C.I.D.I.U. was established in 1972 as a water purification consortium for the municipalities of Collegno, Grugliasco and Rivoli. Over the years, it expanded its areas of expertise also to urban sanitation, collection and disposal of solid urban waste, park and garden maintenance, environmental awareness-raising and education.

In 2002 C.I.D.I.U. completed the user basin envisaged by the provincial waste management plan, with the entry of the Municipality of Pianezza, which thus joined the Municipalities of Alpignano, Buttigliera Alta, Druento, San Gillio and Villarbasse (which had joined on 26 March 1999), Rosta (January 2000) and the Valsangone Mountain Community (which includes the municipalities of Giaveno, Coazze, Valgioie, Reano, Trana and Sangano, and which joined on 2 January 2001).

2002 was an important year for the Company, which transferred, in exchange for shares, the historic water purification plant to the company Sma Torino and which approved the project for the construction of a sorting and composting plant in Druento (PuntoAmbiente). The first step became necessary in light of the regulation entering into force with the Galli law, which introduced the concept of optimal territorial environment for integrated management of the water cycle.

On 27 June 2003 the Company’s historic turning point took place which saw it, as provided by Article 35 of the finance law and by regional law no. 24, split into two separate entities: a Consortium for exercising the governance function of the waste system (C.A.DO.S.) and a Joint Stock Company, which received the entire company complex (CIDIU S.p.A. – Inter-Municipal Urban Hygiene Centre).

On 31 May 2007, CIDIU SpA took over 100% of the subsidiary Sinergie 2000 from the private shareholders, remaining its sole shareholder.

On 19 December 2008, by resolution of the extraordinary shareholders’ meeting, the company name of Sinergie 2000 was changed to Cidiu Servizi SpA. On 30 December 2008 the same acquired the operating business branch of Cidiu SpA, holding the service contracts for the Municipalities (“in house”).

From 1 May 2011 the Municipality of Venaria Reale moved from the Consortium of Bacino 16 to the Consortium of Bacino 15 (C.A.DO.S.). The CIDIU Shareholders’ Meeting approved the extension of the urban hygiene service to the territory of the Venaria Reale Municipality, taking the number of Municipalities served to 17.

For over thirty years, the commitment of the Consortium/Company has been aimed, with increasing attention, at issues of recovery of material contained in waste and energy saving. The investments and efforts have been directed towards differentiated collection, an important environmental protection tool.



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